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Student Financial Aid Services, Inc.

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Student Financial Aid Services, Inc. advises students and their families about how to successfully obtain the most student aid possible to achieve their education dreams by accurately and truthfully preparing the federal student aid application (FAFSA).

Our company was founded in 1991 by college financial aid director Michael Alexander, who had experienced the challenges that students and their families face when attempting to complete the FAFSA. As the nation’s oldest and largest aid advisory firm, we have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of families understand how to apply for student financial aid and pay for college.

We also assist post-secondary institutions in helping their students correctly prepare aid applications in a timely manner to streamline the financial aid component of the enrollment process.

Our fee-based service provides expert, personalized advice to make preparing your federal student aid application fast and accurate. Our team trains rigorously and adheres to the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics. We do not believe in assisting students or families with 'gaming' the financial aid system. We advise families to answer the FAFSA truthfully, accurately and completely.

FAFSA preparers are authorized by the federal government. The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) reaffirms that professional, fee-based FAFSA preparers are an alternative to doing the FAFSA by yourself for free on the Department of Education's website. SFAS adheres to all regulations regarding FAFSA preparers, including those outlined in the HEOA.

Our fee-based consultation is offered as either the online ExpressFAFSA™ or a telephone FAFSALive™. Prior to submitting an application to the U.S. Department of Education, each one is individually reviewed for accuracy by a professional Student Aid Advisor and examined by our 450-point FAFSACheck™ computer-based error detector.

While preparing a federal student aid application on your own is free on the U.S. Department of Education website (www.fafsa.ed.gov), the process isn't easy. The federal government has stated that the more than 130 income, dependency and asset questions can be more complicated than preparing a federal income tax form. To avoid errors that could deprive a student of aid, many families turn to our trained Student Aid Advisors for assistance. We help families prepare their FAFSA correctly so they have the best opportunity for financial aid.

Frequently, we work with multiple parties (stepparents, divorced parents, accountants and other advisors) to help clients complete the financial aid application process. Our bilingual Student Aid Advisors assist those who speak Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, French and various Asian languages.

98% of clients who provided feedback on our services say they would recommend us. Read our clients' comments. We also are proud to be a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business and are consistently awarded their highest A+ rating.

We monitor an individual's application status and keep him or her informed online, by e-mail or by telephone each step of the way. We have access to the nation's largest and most comprehensive database of individual state and college filing deadlines and offer priority filing for those facing a deadline.

Our professional services are reasonably priced and affordable for most students and their parents. Please compare our services and review our pricing options.

We proudly provide and support a variety of free FAFSA preparation and college-planning services for low-income families, including our Access for All® program. Individuals from low-income families may use our services free of charge at any time of the year by contacting us at accessforall@fafsa.com or 1.877.396.4494 to arrange for assistance.

We have helped hundreds of thousands of students and parents successfully prepare and file accurate federal student aid applications, enabling them to achieve one of the best investments in their future - a college education.

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