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This service was amazing. I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own. My advisor walked me through everything step by step. I was very satisfied with the outcome after paying for the service. It was overwhelming not knowing what the steps were. I appreciated everything. Thank you so much.

Jasmine G., Hialeah, FL

What a fabulous service and thank you so much. Thank Debbie for the way she walked me through the FAFSA application. I can breath easier. Last year, when I did it, it was challenge. Even though there is a charge to this, it is well worth it.

Mary G., Palm Desert, CA

It was very helpful having somebody walk me through this FAFSA. This was the first time I have ever done it and it made it a lot more easy on me in being able to answer my questions and not feeling nervous about filling the application out.

Tammy A., Holgate, OH

Nicole has been by far the best and most professional representative that I have talked to. I am a military vet and I had more pressure and confusion about my son going to college than me going to war for the third time. The truth is the truth. Ms. Fleming's ability to convey and take away pressure is outstanding. Overall I rate her a 10 out of 10. Thank you.

Joseph D., Doylestown, PA

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Thank you. I appreciate your services. I have used you for the last four years going on five years now. Satisfaction guaranteed and I do refer other people to you. The telephone service is very easy. Thank you.
Ryan J, Duncanville, TX
Emily was awesome. She helped me with everything. She got everything squared away. She is awesome. I don't think I ever had an experience like that or that easy. She was great. Thanks.
John W, Antioch, TN
You guys are extremely helpful towards people who don't have the ability to do certain things to get into school and I thank you guys very much.
Gene L, Sarasota, FL
I would just like to mention that your staff is very helpful and friendly. I appreciate what you guys do for us. Thank you.
Sylvia V, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Jackson was excellent. He was very clear and precise. The things we didn't know he looked it up quickly. He did a good job. Thank you.
Rebecca L, Seattle, WA
Hugh was absolutely fantastic. Very professional and thorough. I referred your services to numerous of my friends and people who have the interest in going school. Hugh is top notch. If I could call every time and talk to him I would. He is awesome and very professional. What a great employee you have there to take care of people's needs. He is awesome. Thank you so much.
Brandon S, Prescott Valley, AZ
I am very satisfied with the service. Thanks.
Andrea G, Riverside, CA
It is very refreshing to be able to breeze through this application process, especially with two students to have to complete with someone who understands me and I could understand them. The process was very smooth. Melissa was very helpful and kind. I could not say enough about how much she helped and how professional she was. This year was really great. I was dreading it, but it was very refreshing to speak to someone who we could relate to quickly and get through the process quickly. Thank you.
Lynn S, Whiteville, NC
Antonio was awesome. He really helped me out one hundred and ten percent. I highly recommend talking to him again. Thanks.
Stacie D, Fulton, MO
Your services have been invaluable to me. It was just so easy to make a phone call and have an advisor take all of my information and do all the work for me. Thank you very much.
Kathryn B, Chambersburg, PA

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