At Student Financial Aid Services, we recognize that federal grants and loans might not always be enough to cover the cost of going to college. Many students find that after accepting all of the federal aid for which they are eligible, they still need additional funds for tuition and other education-related expenses. Private student loans are a common way for students to cover any financial gap they may have.

To help our clients navigate the private student loan process and secure the lowest cost loans available, all of our FAFSA preparation and assistance products include access to LoanHelp — our unbiased and independent private student loan information service.

Answering Your Questions

Our advisors understand the financial aid process and can assist you with private student loan guidance and information. Clients are able to call our LoanHelp line whenever they have questions about private student loans.

Saving You Time

Included in the LoanHelp service is our Guide to Private Student Loans. In addition to providing helpful tips for private loan borrowers, the Guide introduces some of the lowest-cost private student loans available. These loans were identified in our research of over 200 private student loan options. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Saving You Money

We are committed to helping our clients make the best financial decisions for their families, and obtaining the right private loan can make a difference. Lower-cost loans like the ones we identify in our Guide can result in savings of over $4,000 over the life of an average private student loan.

Giving You Peace of Mind

This service is unique because it is completely independent — Student Financial Aid Services does not receive compensation of any kind from lenders, nor do we share any client information with third parties. LoanHelp is a completely unbiased and trustworthy source for finding the most affordable private student loans available.

LoanHelp is available exclusively to our clients and is included in the price of our FAFSA preparation and assistance products. There is no additional charge for this service to our clients.

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