Don’t Miss Out on Education Tax Benefits:

Over $18 Billion Available to Students and Families

Education tax benefits are designed to help make paying for college more affordable. Depending on your eligibility, you could receive up to several thousand dollars in valuable tax credits and deductions. Education tax benefits and amounts you may qualify for include:

Bullet The American Opportunity Tax Credit — Up to $2,500*
Bullet The Lifetime Learning Tax Credit — Up to $2,000*
Bullet Tuition and Fees Deduction — Up to $800*
Bullet Student Loan Interest Deduction — Up to $500*

Click tax benefit name for more information, and see “How to Claim Education Tax Benefits” below.

How to Claim Your Benefits:

To determine your eligibility and claim education tax benefits, you must file a federal income tax return—even if you do not owe income tax and are not otherwise required to file.

Download our Tax Benefits Worksheet to see if you qualify.

*Please note: Additional eligibility requirements may apply.

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